Are you traveling with guests ON THE SAME FLIGHT AS YOU who require ground transportation from Brisbane Airport to the Hotel? (Brisbane is the only airport with Savvy provided transportation)
Riders are provided transportation at no cost, and guests are charged a fee of $40 of USD each way.
Savvy is covering Hotel expenses April 4th for 5 nights. Arrival April 4, Departure April 10th. Do you need to add additional nights to your reservation?
Please put it in the format of (example) April 1, 2018-April 12, 2018
Please use three sentences to tell us what you want the world to know about you as we promote you on social media!
This is for athletes only and transportation will be provided from the hotel to Dream World. We will take a group photo of all athletes holding their own koala bear. Complimentary transportation will be provided back to the hotel at the conclusion of the event.
Poseidon Staff, Competitors, and their friends are invited to attend the official opening ceremony on Thursday April 5, 2018 at the Intercontinental Hotel Sanctuary Cove. Guests will be greeted by Australian wildlife, and an official welcome to country sunset ceremony by an Aboriginal Corroboree.. Dancers will perform the welcome to country, with didgeridoo demonstration and traditional dot face painting to welcome guests. The games will then be officially opened by the Poseidon team and invited dignitaries followed by a fireworks spectacular performed by Jetpack Entertainment & Events which will set the mood to relax on the beach and listen to a range of music by the band ‘Geed Up’
If yes, please enter the number of guests that will attend with you. If no, please just state “no”
Complimentary for athletes, guests are $60 each or $100 for VIP seating and beverage package.
Will any guests traveling on your flight need ground transportation?
Please make sure all your information is correct. Once a flight is booked no changes can be made. If an athlete fails to board their flight, or needs to make changes with their flight after the flight has been secured, any expenses associated with the changes are at the athletes expense. Any excess baggage fees are the responsibility of the athlete. If Athlete fails to appear for the Engagement, fails to board their flight, or fails to participate in the event, the athlete will reimburse Savvy for all bona fide costs related to the expenditures made on their behalf that includes but is not limited to Airfare, Ground Transportation, Hotel, Food and Beverage and Entertainment. Athletes are highly encouraged to purchase travel insurance to help offset costs that are beyond the control of the athlete or Savvy. Such things as weather delays, acts of terrorism, acts of God, acts of nature or any other unforeseen circumstances. Athletes entering Australia should also have medical insurance coverage in Australia, typically obtained by selecting “medical” in your travel insurance selections. BY SELECTING “YES I AGREE TO THESE TERMS” the athlete named on this form agrees to these stipulations and their travel will be booked by Savvy. BY SELECTING “NO” the athlete named on this form agrees to pay for and secure their own travel at their own expense.