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Jason Gauthier

Head Judge




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Adrian Boucher


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Paul Bulka


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Derek Crespi


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Don Won Yang


Jason Gauthier-Head Judge was first introduced to Flyboarding in 2013. Having a full time job he really had no interest in competing at first, but seeing the level of flying increase and the game changing he felt he had to get involved. In 2014, Jason competed in the first North American Flyboard Championship in Toronto. In Toronto he placed in the top eight which was followed by three World Championships with his highest placement being at the 2015 World Championships in Dubai, with an overall finish of 5th place.

For now he can’t say he is done competing, him judging  is in no way a foreshadowing of that. However, he wanted to see a competition judged from a competitor’s point of view. Jason looks forward to sharing his experiences and expertise in competitions and  he is excited in helping provide a top notch product and experience for all involved.

Adrian Boucher-Judge who comes from Kelowna in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia, Canada, grew up surrounded by vineyards and mountains but most importantly around some of the most incredible lakes in Canada. There is not much more a hydro-sport enthusiast could ask for.

Adrian has an eye for creativity and difficulty. He looks forward to seeing what unique and creative tricks the athletes put on the water.

Paul Bulka-Judge is an experienced athlete and is part of the team that masterminded Flyboards first viral video with Devin Supertramp (YouTube famous videographer) in 2013. Having extensive experience filming not only Hydrosport but also a number of other sports Paul comes with a very unique eye for quality and innovation. 

Derek Crespi-Judge brings Hydroflight experience to the panel on a multitude of devices and has trained with some of the top athletes in the world. He made his move from athlete to judge during Battle on the Rock hosted in Bermuda.

Knowledgeable, experienced and focused, Derek looks forward to seeing what the athletes put on the water during the series. 

Yang Dong Won-Judge is an experienced veteran rider from Korea with a multitude of podium finishes under his belt, most recently crowned the 2017 Flyboard Veterans Champion. He has a keen eye for cutting edge technical ability and risk taking performances.